“Is Politics Just Presentation?” – Propaganda s03e02 Part 1

Global Political Situation (GPS): Headlines and analysis of what’s happening in the world, this week looking at government rhetoric from the lens of advertising. // Part 1 Audio (download):// >>”Is the Nobel Prize Really Noble?” – Propaganda s03e02 Part 2>>// You… Continue Reading

“Is Politics Just Presentation?” and “Is The Nobel Prize Really Nobel?” – Propaganda s03e02


Remember the old advertisement, “Got Milk?” We here at the Moral Economy were still young scallywags when those commercials appeared, and we loved to repeat them in the classroom, on the playground, and everywhere we went. Now we’re serious adults,… Continue Reading

#DemocraticConfederalism // MePod.s02e10

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#DemocraticConfederalism is an alternative economic/political/cultural system that has given many Kurds and others around the world hope, not because of what it promises, but for what it delivers. While very few people in Europe and the United States have heard of… Continue Reading